Cognitor is a complete software product development service provider and supports all stages of your product manifestation – from product idea conceptualization to its implementation, support and maintenance.

If you are developing an application from the early stages, rebuilding or replacing a legacy system, need a lead development team or help on a project, Cognitor is the right fit for all your required needs. We provide the level of service that meets your business requirements and fits your budget.


What defines your products or services in the market place today? Are you a start-up? Getting ready to Go live? Well established? We thrive on working with new and mature ideas, evaluating the best technologies and workflows that users can easily manage and navigate through. Your idea uniquely customized.


Besides evaluating the best technologies used for the application infrastructure, we study the uniqueness of using open source code, 3rd party software and plugins. It is about developing custom tailor software that drives the creativity of development while getting the best results today and well into the future.


Need to make a smooth pivot from the old to the new? If your software performance doesn’t match your customers’ demand, you are losing money. It is time to upgrade your application. This process can be overwhelming and can easily produce wasted cost. We carefully analyse the current structure, provide a detailed written analysis while being sensitive to your cost.



Shaping a new idea or changing an old process is engineered through the efforts of many, with the discipline to collaborate in making the progress a success.  We believe in creating easy access with the ability to join or change the flow so accomplishments happen quickly with great results and all players feel ownership and satisfaction.  This can be very difficult, we have the years of experience in making the right  process work.


Some companies develop as they go with a dispersed focus, an incomplete road map or unclear requirements. This type of approach will always fall victim to what we call the “money pit,” burning through development cost fast and writing unnecessary code. If all players are not on the same page and share the same ultimate goal on what features should be added and when, development can be an unpleasant experience. One way to always stay focus on your development project is doing the appropriate planning and documentation.


It is very important for Software Product development service provider to have a firm understanding of IPRs and how they apply to this business. Our responsibility is to create and secure a brand, guarantee exclusive ownership of product from inception to development, and keeping complete secrecy and confidentiality. In this innovation driven business, protecting client’s ever evolving innovations is a key towards a successful product development endeavour.

Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development


Make it real and keep it simple. We take your idea, logic and process to develop the most comprehensive web app that automates the impossible and presents simple workflows for positive results.


Mobile represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating that usage. This percentage is only going to grow as we are a remote society. If your web app is not mobile ready, you are missing this large market. Let us help you reach this market.


We believe developing software is a form of art, it takes a delicate balance between a business idea and technology usage. Get it wrong on either side can be costly. One of our best practices is avoiding technical debt. We set the guidelines for road mapping, priorities, documentation, code evaluation, automated testing strategy, code configuration management and repository management. We got you covered.


We have a deep knowledge across several programming languages: SQL, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Python .NET, and Ruby/Rails. When you hire Cognitor, we place you with a coding team that represents the right language for your platform, not force fit you into a language based on any limitations or restrictions. Beware of development companies that recommend one language over another because of their limited skill set.


We understand that many companies became vulnerable and fall into the money pit. If development is not properly managed and tasks are unorganized, you will burn through a lot of money and fast.  We know, we’ve seen it. That is why we assign a senior level programmer, lead project manager and a client relations manager on every project. We are dedicated in delivering the best solution, on time and on budget.


What would happen if you built your house on just sand? The image you have answers that question. Developing software has the same logic, you don’t start coding on an empty framework. The entire infrastructure of your application needs to be well thought out and use the latest technologies. We build software with the future in mind, technology rapidly changes and having the latest technology in place makes upgrades easier.


Full Cycle Product Development

It might start with an idea, but will end with many. We take the waterfall approach in full cycle development. Requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance. We also use an agile methodology which includes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and continuous improvements. It is about encouraging rapid and flexible response to change.

Flexibilty on expanding your team

There are times when you may need help on development projects without having a long-term commitment. If you are short on staff, working on a fast timeline or simply have an unexpected project call on Cognitor to aid and assist. We have helped clients in a pinch many times and they always come back. Cognitor offers the flexible you need.

Cleaning up loose ends

There are a lot of moving parts in software development, it is not just about writing code. Due to deadlines and commitments vital components can become fragmented. Does this sound familiar? Our application is in the market but there is no documentation. Our road-map, requirements and infrastructure diagrams are scattered on everyone’s hard drive. There isn’t enough time to thoroughly test before going into production. We know, call us – we can help.

Collaboration is key

We built our own collaboration tool, so there isn’t a conversation, meeting, file, note or task that goes unnoticed or undocumented. Our Quality Assurance is critical to your success and we take it very seriously. Whenever there are silos of information there is cost being wasted, that is why we use a centralized location for all our work. QA is a team effort and in order to make it a success everyone must be on the same page.


We are ready!