Powerful Web

Intuitive, engaging and authentic web solutions for all the business outcomes you need.

Agile and Responsive

We build on a deep understanding of business needs and market trends, along with technology expertise and software best practices.

Cloud Apps

Powerful cloud-based solutions merged with creative design for private, hybrid & public platforms.

Mature and Flexible

We are fully equipped to deliver first-class services that result in improved business efficiency, reduce costs and increase ROI, all while mitigating risk.

Mobile Specialist

End-to-end mobile development for consumer and corporate environments. We make mobile apps that amaze, delight and solve.

Focus on Product Quality

Product quality assurance functions are handled by our QA department whose mission is to achieve the highest quality for every component.


Automated solutions for complex business challenges.


We start the process in understanding the overall requirements at a high level, then begin to prioritize and provide further detail on each requirement. In parallel we define the road-map and give timelines to the highest priority.

We are constantly monitoring and adjusting this process based on your client and business needs.

Trusted Partner

Because all our work is carefully thought out and communicated, delivery is on time and on budget.

Code Quality

Clean, accurate and precise documented code. Clear definition of purpose, simple to view.

Rapid TTM

Rapid time-to-market for your competitive edge takes product planning and execution strategy.


Whether you seek rapid development of a single application or long-term maintenance of your entire suite of applications or corporate systems, we will ensure your technology assets drive exceptional business results.

If you want a partner that throughout the relationship acknowledges new innovative concepts that provides enhanced value and differentiate your business, Cognitor is your answer.

From intelligent customization of pre-built platforms to full-cycle client application development, Cognitor works together with its clients to fulfill their vision. Cognitor is a complete technology partner that delivers efficient and reliable software solutions to cater to your distinctive business needs.

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Cognitor’s 20 years of technology expertise brings a comprehensive set of skills and technologies that that enables smooth execution of varied and complex ventures.For each project, we bring in a fine balanced project team comprising of software engineers, technical architects, functional and business analysts, technical leads and project managers. By leveraging our experience in technical and business domains, we deliver solutions in achieving business efficiency.


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“The Cognitor team understood the the advanced logic of our analytics scoring engine, and delivered a product that has become the centerpiece of our offering to clients. We needed to shift our business away from reliance on consulting and more to license revenue. Cognitor helped us achieve that with professional software development at affordable prices.”- Donna Salvatore, CEO, Megalytics
“We needed to upgrade an legacy investment systems that could handle large volume of multi-million commercial real estate investments. Because of the complexity of our old processes and database model, we needed to customize invertor worklfows and finance calculations. Fortunately Cognitor was able to provide resources and leadership to complete the project successfully, meet the requirements for message storage and security, and address scalability challenges we’d struggled with.”- CTO, Commercial Real Estate

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